Delphi Associates Webmaster makes slanderous accusation

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Melissa Ann Thomson Makes Shocking False Accusations Against UFOWATCHDOG.COM After It Exposed Sean David Morton As A Fraud

(Note: See update at bottom of this page)

One month after publishing an investigation exposing so-called psychic Sean David Morton, it seems that Morton's webmaster and Delphi Associates newsletter editor has decided to fire back at UFOWATCHDOG.COM. But instead of offering evidence to directly refute the findings of this website regarding Sean David Morton and his many, many apparent false claims, someone has made the foolish choice to throw around slanderous and baseless accusations regarding this website and those associated with it.

The following is an e-mail received by UFOWATCHDOG.COM from someone that had directly inquired about the investigation expsoing posted at this website. The response is from Melissa Ann Thomson, a contributor, editor and webmaster for Delphi Associates, the website of none other than Sean David Morton. Needless to say, the accusations conjured up by Thomson in the below e-mail are utterly, completely, and absolutely false. This is an obvious effort to attempt to discredit this website for exposing Sean David Morton.

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To: <**withheld**>
Sent: Friday, March 02, 2001 8:35 AM
Subject: Re: hey melissa do u know who you're dealin with?

Thank you for the link. I already knew about this and frankly I'm quite proud of it. I would only be concerned if Sean DIDN'T have critics. Some of the greatest people in history have had people attacking them at every step. It just means that Sean is doing something right and trying to make a difference in the world. I have also personally researched all of Sean's claims about his life (I tend to be a skeptic about most things) and everything pans out...from actual pictures, to documents, to speaking with his family members.

 also don't take much credence to what these individuals are saying as their pasts are pretty spotted and black. Yup, real high upstanding reputable people - NOT. People in glass houses should not be throwing stones. I also notice that you are not "man" enough to even include your own name. Afraid of your past as well? Perhaps you should check various criminal databases such as child molesters and you will find some of the people associated with this watchdog group. Also, you might want to check your local video store porno section as one of them is a director for these high-moral movies.



UFOWATCHDOG.COM will not allow this cowardly, deceitful, and willfully malicious duplicity to continue. This website emphatically denies that any of the allegations by Thomson are true in any manner. UFOWATCHDOG.COM demands that Thomson does the appropriate thing in this situation and publicly apologizes for her vindictive, spiteful and craven remarks. With Thomson stating, " I have also personally researched all of Sean's claims about his life (I tend to be a skeptic about most things) and everything pans out...from actual pictures, to documents, to speaking with his family members," then she should have no problem providing her proof to the public. In fact, UFOWATCHDOG.COM challenges Melissa Ann Thomson or Sean David Morton to publicly refute what has been published here.

UFOWATCHDOG.COM has issued the following to Thomson as well as Sean David Morton:

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Sent: Friday, March 02, 2001 6:55 PM Subject:
Re: hey melissa do u know who you're dealin with?

Hi there.

Why are you stating that people associated with UFOWATCHDOG.COM are "child molesters" and are involved in pornography? You're quite mistaken and I'm frankly offended by such a malicious and false allegation. You were sent a notice when this site went on-line. An open invitation for comment was also posted at that time.



UFOWATCHDOG.COM Thomson and Morton failed to respond and both were sent the following e-mail:

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To: ; ;
Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2001 10:35 PM
Subject: False Accusations

TO: Melissa Ann Thomson - Webmaster for Delphi Associates

Ms.Thomson Since you have failed to respond to my e-mail inquiry, I will assume you are not willing to face your false allegations against me, my website and those associated with it. I demand an immediate and public apology for your outrageous and completely false allegations. Claiming that people associated with UFOWATCHDOG.COM are "child molesters," are listed in criminal indexes and are involved in the pornography industry is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any manner. Your intentional actions demand an immediate apology. Your original e-mail response to someone inquiring about Mr. Morton can be found below.

As for the UFOWATCHDOG.COM investigation into Sean David Morton, you and Mr. Morton were both sent a notice when the site went on line and were offered the opportunity to respond, which you have failed to do.



Should Thomason fail to properly apologize for her libelous statement regarding this website, legal action will be taken to remedy the situation. Again, UFOWATCHDOG.COM publicly challenges Thomason and/or Morton to provide evidence to refute what has been published here exposing Sean David Morton's claims. This website will not accept the smoke screen Thomson is attempting to throw up in an effort to cover what this website has uncovered about Morton. In fact, if Morton and/or Thomson provide credible evidence to substantiate the ludicrous claims made by Morton, then this website will be shut down permanently - PUT UP OR SHUT UP. Frankly, UFOWATCHDOG.COM finds it incredulous that people claiming to be so spiritually endowed, such as Morton and Thomson, would ever make such baseless and sick claims when they both know it not to be the truth at all. The course of this event will be documented here on this website. Thomson states, " People in glass houses should not be throwing stones." Perhaps she should realize that she lives in that very house...


Well, received an apology...sort of. You see, instead of stepping up to the plate and admitting that her accusations were false, slanerous, and made out of spite, Melissa Ann Thomson tried what most people without any courage do: Blame someone else. Here's Thomson's lame apology and attempt to lay blame elsewhere:

"As for my comments regarding various activities of members of UFOWATCHDOG, I do apologize for listening to various Internet gossip and rumors. I typically do not put any credence in anything listed on the Internet (or elsewhere for that matter) and certainly prefer to take the high road and rise above this type of garbage and certainly hope that others would do the same. I strive everyday to live my life as if Christ were walking beside me and this type of activity and gossip would certainly fall under his disapproval. So yes, you have my apology for listening to hearsay that may or may not be backed up by facts."

Thomson even offered in one e-mail to provide proof of all of Morton's claims saying she had documents and had verified each claim personally. Of course, took her up on her offer to provide that proof. So far, no response and none is expected.

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