Michael Cohen

Cohen is kind of a UFO Gadabout whose never met a UFO he didn’t like. Editor and Board member of All News Web, the world’s first intergalactic news service which is a tabloid UFO site. He churns out very brief articles, often with a prediction and always sensational, about UFO activity around the world. For example, a recent headline was “Amazing UFO Messages Revealed! Enormous effort has been made to decipher these UFO messages with some apparent success. In the US much of this effort centres around NASA’s Ames Research division…” Earlier in 2009 he claimed France would disclose on 6-12-09 from the Toulouse Space Centre:

Over the next few days these events will occur: NASA will finally admit that it has 'some evidence' that aliens might be monitoring earth and that it is seriously researching UFO events. There will be an admittance by another government agency or relevant organization that there is reason to believe that some signals that have been picked up by radio telescope are probably of alien origin. The government of a major European nation will outright admit having knowledge of UFOs visiting our planet. We are living in very exciting times. Yes, many are fearful of what open contact might mean. however others look to the very near future with anticipation and intense curiosity.”--June 6, 2009 from allnewsweb, now erased. The picture above appeared on his site in conjunction with a Chinese report of ‘motherships’ complete with a video of an airplane landing at night, landing lights and wing strobe lights clearly visible.

Cohen never does any research on his articles, never makes an attribution, never names his sources (He says he’s protecting them), never documents any of his statements, never follows through, and his articles never stay up for any length of time. His videos on his YouTube channel frequently show ‘UFOs” that are obvious reflections of light in a window or some other fakery. He has even promoted UFO stories as real after the faker acknowledged his stuff as fake. He’s been kicked off more than one UFO site for spamming (He attempts to drive traffic to his web site to get more ‘click throughs.’)

Here’s another great one. He blames the recent Air France crash in the South Atlantic on UFOs: “Let me predict: Sightings of UFOs by will be unprecedented over the next few weeks. We are at a minute to midnight in terms of ending our isolation. Open, unilateral contact is months, weeks, days or even hours away. We are about to meet our universal brethren: are you ready?” 

Here's a picture from China (left) of a "dragon spirit etched in fire." Although he did concede that some skeptics thought it was a cloud, he went on to say, "This is believed to be an omen for good luck. One of the witnesses, a 33 year old male, photographed the dragon on his mobile phone. Many Chinese researchers of anomalous phenomena are debating the significance and purpose of events of this nature."

As far as we know none of his predictions have ever come true. The only thing that is predictable is that if you see it on allnewsweb, it’s probably fake.

Cool looking dragon, though. Looks kind of like a triceratops.

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