Kal Korff Photos

Click here to return to main story. Please be patient with photos loading. Korff told me he would send something, and true to his word he did. It just wasn't anything close to what anyone with common sense would call evidence of any sort. Korff sent me several photos with some added captions and somehow believes this constitutes earth shattering proof that he really is a super secret agent. Give a man a camera, a cowboy hat, a leather jacket, and some captain's bars and you never know what might happen...

ABOVE: I'm thinking, 'Marlboro Man.' Didn't that guy die from lung cancer...? Don't smoke, kids.

ABOVE: Please let it be known far and wide: I am not friends with Korff - never have been, never will be. I look at this photo and think, 'Yeah, stick those bars out there a little more to try and impress this security guard...'



ABOVE: Uh, okay. Wow...how...very...impressive...a photo of a guy in Prague with a cowboy hat. Very curious.

ABOVE: Oh, I don't think I'll forget this nutty shit anytime soon. Believe me. I don't think anyone else will either.

ABOVE: Can anyone please tell me what this guy has to do with Paul Kimball? A lawyer in Prague knows everything about Kimball's legal background? Uh, yeah.

ABOVE: Okay, I'm convinced. Yes...yes...it is true: big gold colored dress ties are a fashion mistake, especially with stripes.

ABOVE: Really? I'm just fascinated at how a lawyer in Prague can confirm who was involved in the OJ Simpson case. Click here to see what Paul Kimball had to say about Kal Korff's claims.

Again, big gold dress tie and stripes = fashion disaster. Consumers everywhere have been forewarned.

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