Komments from Kal K. Korff


" Naturally, I WANT my enemies to take me "not seriously". "
-- Kal K. Korff in an e-mail to ufowatchdog.com. Well, I suppose Korff has stunningly succeeded.

" I remind everyone I AM a SAPSTOE and the fact none of you seem to know what this means will remain a liability to you until you start to factor it into everything I do. IF you do, or when you do, you won't be so "surprised." You'll say instead, like they did today at the Embassy where two new contacts and liaisons had to be briefed, "Wow, I had no idea, but that sounds like something Korff would do." "

--More amazing evidence provided by Korff regarding his visit to the US Embassy in Prague. Did I miss something? Mmm, didn't think so.

" I just called the US Embassy about 30 minutes ago. They told me the story today and what I wrote about our meeting yesterday, where I visited them as a beyond 100% bona fide Captain, "gave them goose bumps." They not only are blown away, pleasantly, but as they told me yesterday when they saw the previews of the Meier books, where I showed them Scot Ritter, and the nuclear components from Iraq, etc., IMAGINE THIS... We went over ALL this stuff. "

--Yep. I'm imagining it all right now...UFOs, terrorism, nuke components, a call to embassy security for an escort out of the building...

on our way to achieving things that destroy the UFO "field" as we have "known it" since 1947. "

-- Destroy the UFO field? Yes! Really, because those bastard UFOlogists are much more of a danger than international terrorists! I'm sure the U.S. Embassy is very concerned about all these UFO culprits...call Homeland Security!

"...the US government wanted to know about the latest activities of Kal Korff."

---Ah! Now I see the light...

" I remind everyone, that I am the only person with a 500 book deal...When Secret Wars airs, you will see me go undercover and root out very sexy agents who are honey traps... "

---More from "Captain" Korff on his alleged 500 book deal and his super secret rooting out of undercover female sex operatives...uh, sure. As for the book deal, someone better call Stephen King and J.K. Rowling...and they call themselves authors! The nerve!

" It shows me with CIA agent Scot Ritter. I assume you remember who he is. :-)

We are here in Prague, and I get to "break the news" to him that not only have nuclear centrifuges been found, but that he was lied to and fooled by some key Iraqi scientists. I then showed him images I obtained of these components, which WERE part of Saddam's WMD secret labs we knew NOTHING about, and the CIA screamed and wanted these classified.

However, I got the images BEFORE the CIA did in Bagdad and classified them, and they are NOT the same images. So I WILL publish them, and to PROVE it, I published one image months ago along with the info that Ritter was yet another target of one of my ops, and I had to stop his lies cold in Prague, and I did.

Both CIA and US Govt. were "thankful" but of course, I was not officially "ordered" to do it. They did not need to give me that order, Royce, I am Kal Korff. Ritter doesn't even know I helped lure him to Prague under the guise of paying him to come give a lecture. "

--Korff in an e-mail alleging to have given former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter information about Saddam Hussein's WMD secret labs. Korff even sent a picture he alleged was taken by a camera hidden in a flower pot (see below).


Below is a top secret picture I took of ufowatchdog with a super, duper secret camera secretly hidden in a super duper secret place:

Bewildered? So am I...

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