Kevin Randle

Roswell Investigator, Author

Noted UFO investigator, researcher and author, some call Randle the voice of reason within UFOlogy. Randle maintains that a UFO did crash at Roswell and that bodies were discovered, but Randle discounts some of the eyewitnesses and accounts of the incident. Randle is an experienced investigator and has a background as not only a former Army helicopter pilot, he is also a Captain in the Air Force specializing in intelligence and he has earned four college degrees. Randle is the author of dozen of UFO articles and over 16 UFO books, as well as novels too numerous to count. While I disagree with Randle about the Roswell incident in many regards, UFOlogy needs more Kevin Randles to cut through the bull.-RMIII

Randle has a more extensive biography on Wikipedia. His most recent book on Roswell is Roswell Revisited (2007, Galde Press, 182 pages. ISBN: 978-1931942508), and he has written several others on Roswell, other UFO topics, and many fiction books as well.

Randle's degrees in Psychology, both a masters and a PhD, were obtained from California Coast University, a correspondence school, for which he has received some criticism. The GAO called this school a diploma mill in 2004 which offers degrees at a flat rate (A PhD costs about $5000, open book testing, and no campus attendance.) The school is now, as of 2005, accredited by DETC, but no longer offers a PhD, which, in any case, is not covered. It is still widely considered a diploma mill. Of course, Randle does not 'use' his psychology degrees to research UFOs, so the point may be moot. 

Randle has been a guest on The Paracast several times: August 2, 2009, April 1, 2007, and December 31, 2006.-Schuyler

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