Don and Vicki Ecker

Magazine publishers/editors, researchers, investigators

Started the long running UFO Magazine twenty-years ago, have engaged both believers and skeptics in debates. Don and Vicki certainly aren't afraid to express their opinions and have no problem in calling a fraud a fraud. Being in the UFO publishing, editing, writing, research business is tough and finding a balancing point in this field to present all views is even more difficult.-RMIII

Don Ecker is a Vietnam vet and an ex-policeman. He has used his skills in investigation in the UFO field to great advantage. Ecker purports to be 'retired' from UFO research, but he still 'hangs out' in the field and is a frequent contributor to The Paracast Forums where he has a section of his own featuring Dark Matters Radio which features interviews from his own research. Here is his retrospective on his Twenty Years in the UFO Fog. By the way, Don is quick to point out that is was Vicki Ecker who founded UFO Magazine along with Sheri Stark. Don was 'Director of Research' for the magazine.

Ecker has been on The Paracast numerous times: August 9, 2009, August 2, 2009, May 24, 2009, March 8, 2009, April 20, 2008, April 9, 2007, September 5, 2006, April 4, 2006.     

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