Dirk Vander Ploeg

Dirk Vander Ploeg is editor and publisher of UFO Digest, an online periodical which provides "real video and photographic proof of UFOs and the paranormal" and PsiTalk, his version of paranormal radio, and Monster Tracker, which deals with cryptozoology. He is also a regular contributor to American Chronicle, and on-line magazine that accepts articles from anyone. He has written a book called Quest for Middle Earth which suggests that Tolkien's work was based on the real, but lost history of Earth as recalled by Norse mythology. In other words, he says elves, goblins, dragons, trolls and other creatures in The Lord of the Rings are based on real characters from 'before the flood.' He manages to weave in some DaVinci Code ideas into this as well. As one reviewer put it: "It had to happen eventually -- that the Da Vinci Code, Nostradamus, Celestine Prophecy, Mayan Calendar, extraterrestrial, mock-religious, mock-scientific movement would infect Middle-earth and seek to capitalize shamelessly on the success and popularity of J.R.R. Tolkien." (Jason Fisher)

In the pages of UFO Digest you will find Michal Horn still claiming the wedding cake UFO is authentic and Stephen Yulish telling us demons, i.e.: extraterrestrials, tremble at the name of Jesus Christ. Speaking of Jesus, Vander Ploeg himself tells us that the "Greys also claim to be religious and followers of Jesus Christ." But wait! We thought they were demons! Oh, and there are also the reptilians trying to enslave us and this big alien struggle going on and, well, you get he picture. 

Vander Ploeg believes aliens seeded the human race by genetically altering Homo erectus, thus turning him into Homo sapiens over night. He believes this covers the 'missing link.' The thread running through all the web sites and writings is one of credulity. There is rarely any documentation, no sign of any research, and little attribution. Anything that shows up about UFOs or the paranormal is accepted without question. He's yet another fellow who never met a UFO he didn't like. 

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