Brigitte Boisselier

A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

CEO of Raelian UFO cult's alleged cloning company Clonaid and a Bishop in the Raelian UFO cult movement. Calimed to have successfully cloned humans, has yet to provide scientific proof of her claims. While the Clonaid website may feature pictures of flashly lab equipment, reporters allegedly found the real lab Boisselier was carrying out her work in. It was reportedly located in the tiny town of Nitro, West Virginia at an abandoned high school classroom being rented for $350.00 a month. Boisselier now lives in Las Vegas. See cult page (Ed. Link is broken.) about Raelian philosophy. And if you'd like to be cloned or want a deceased relative or friend cloned, Clonaid says they can do it...for a hefty price, of course.

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