Alfred L. Webre

Known as the "Father of Exopolitics," Alfred Webre is a lawyer (J.D.) who is active in the movement to stop the weaponization of space. He founded the Institution for Cooperation in Space. He hosts Exopolitics Radio and has a website called He believes Earth is under quarantine,

"Earth's quarantine is the result of an extended governance process, analogous to a traumatic international political and governmental process on Earth World War II, as an example. The specific conditions of our planetary isolation are contained in legislative statutes, executive regulations, and judicial case decisions of Universe government. Our emerging from planetary quarantine is as much dictated by Universe government, as was our original isolation." (from Exopolitics; a decade of contact, Chapter 20)

Webre has written several books on Exopolitics, including Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe, The Age of Cataclysm, and Towards a Decade of Contact. The link gives access to Part Two.

Webre seems a little more political than some of his colleagues. he seems to address the Exopolitics issue at three levels. The first is as standard politics. The second is the ET aspect of his beliefs, and the third is his more ethereal beliefs about reality.

His standard political stump speech is pretty much on a hard left scenario. the United States is an evil empire that has promulgated illegal acts upon humanity. Elements within the government ought to stand trial for war crimes under 'Natural Law' statutes. Obama and the Democrats have taken back the government from the evil Republicans.  The government is staging a 'Black Flag' operation designed to get us to believe ET's have attacked us, therefore this will justify the weaponization of space. We know this because that great hero and whistleblower Werner von Braun warned us. Yes, it's the same von Braun that was complicit in the Holocaust, but why bring that up? It's embarrassing.

His ET tie in to these beliefs is the O'Hare UFO sighting on November 7th, which just happened to be the exact date of the mid-term elections when the Democrats won back control of Congress. He sees the sighting in Chicago as s symbolic event proselytizing the election of a President from that city. He also believes the secret government is attempting to keep an exclusive on ET involvement and is co-opting ET's gifts of zero point energy intended to help us save the planet. they have used Men in Black, assassination programs, and other underhanded means to accomplish this. hey specifically did this during the carter administration to stifle a study of ETs. 

On the ET side of things Webre believes in reptilians and says the bad ETs, guided by the reptilians, are responsible for the abduction of 1.2 billion people, but then he says this is an alien outreach education program. He believes the reptilians are from the 'fourth level of density' where they can control time. What religions call 'heaven' is at the fifth level of density, which is an intermediary place where we go between lives. Advanced beings are at the sixth level of density and are essentially light beings. he also believes in zero point energy, teleportation and time travel, and that a civilization of human-like beings lives underground on Mars. He wants to encourage an open strategic alliance between us and them by a presidential acknowledgement of their existence. From that standpoint it appears he wants Disclosure to happen, but doesn't expect it to be voluntary.

Webre is a proponent of 'Convergence,' which suggests many things are happening all at once. This is, in part, due to the Black Hole at the center of our galaxy that controls much of our thought and action, something the Mayas called 'the center of all things.' The idea is that the emergence of this black hole will 'turn-on' the 97% of our DNA that is deemed 'junk' thus raising the capacity of all beings & things to new frequency new understanding, new social contract.

The whole idea of Exopolitics, according to Webre, is to demand that citizens take over the liaison activities now possessed by the government and become our own liaison with the aliens. We do this by a sort of 'Declaration of Independence' that asserts our rights. This declaration serves to address three audiences. The first is ourselves to empower us. the second is to our governments to tell them we're taking over, and the third is to telepathically tell the ETs we're now in charge and they must address us directly. 

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