The following is a verbatim reproduction of the offering letter sent by Sean David Morton to potential investors. Images and signature taken from original letter.


Sean-David Morton


2207 Hermosa Ave
Hermosa Beach, California Republic,
Near Postal Zone 90254-2527
Phone: 310-374-6039
Fax: 310-734-1526
Website: www.DelphiAssociates.Org




Dear Friends and Family,

Let me first off express my gratitude and appreciation for your interest in the D.A.I.G. (The Delphi Associates Investment Group.) Money is a form of ENERGY, first and foremost, and I view it as an expression of LOVE at its highest level. We give money toward that which we love and approve of. It is a great responsibility and our TRUST goes along with our investments of energy and time.

The pity is that so many in the “Spiritual New Age” community have been so used and abused. We are by nature trusting, driven by our hearts and souls, and desperately want to see the good in everyone and in the world. I have seen every Ponzi scheme, roll-over, debenture, 419, Nigerian oil well—piggy back on a billion bucks for a guaranteed rate of interest per week program out there. Usually the cash goes to some overseas account never to be seen again. Money Talks, and it usually says “Buh-Bye!” A fool and his money are soon parted…but how did a fool get together with all that loot in the first place? I was involved in one of these myself about 12 years ago, and was the only person that took it to the wall, testified before the SEC and had the criminal responsible tossed in jail. So I have learned my lessons through the worst kind of experience how people can be taken advantage of and what all the pitfalls are.

So what I am saying is that I am putting my faith, energy, spirit and reputation on the line to do the very best that I can for all of you. I am not willing to risk my immortal soul or spiritual path by ripping anyone off. I am a public figure. I speak regularly at expos and conventions. I am not hard to find, not hard to contact, have lived in the same house for 23 years, driven the same CAR since 1983, and published my Delphi Associates Newsletter for the last 14 years. I’m not going anywhere.

In fact the ORIGINAL Delphi Associates was set up many years ago by Russell Targ, the Father of Remote Viewing, as an investment group that was used to put psychics and Remote Viewing to the test predicting the outcome of SILVER FUTURES and prices. In the first year they were 10 for 12 in their picks, meeting once a month and making one pick each month.

In subsequent Stanford S.R.I. experiments using RV on Random Number Generators, specifically Roulette Wheels, our group, of which the late Dr. Elizabeth Targ, Russel’s
daughter, and I were both members, we were 7 for 10 with one pass (which I felt we HIT and should have bet on!) or 70%. Scientifically proven. My record in the stock market has been spectacular, unparalleled and unsurpassed. I have called ALL the highs and lows of the market, giving EXACT DATES for rises and crashes over the last 14 years. In fact I PAID for my entire college education at USC with a scholarship award and a $5000 investment in GOLD COINS bought in 1974 when gold was $32. per oz. By the time I graduated USC in 1980 with multiple degrees in Political Science and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (and only one semester shy of degrees in Organic Chem and Astronomy) gold was $850. per oz.

In fact I turned what was left of the gold into nearly a million in the stock market, buying such stocks as KINGWORLD ENTERTAINMENT 3 months before Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and OPRAH went on the air. I had similar successes with stocks such as shoe company LA GEAR. This was then invested in a series of successful nightclubs and restaurants.

Since July of 2005, stocks and metals that I have recommended have seen an increase of a WHOPPING 387%. As predicted, gold went to $725, silver to over $13, copper to over $3.00 per pound, and stocks like Catapiller, NSOL and NutraCea are up over 300% from when I recommended them. This led my personal friend Henry Paulson, Jr., who was head of Goldman Sachs and is NOW Secretary of the Treasury, to comment, "I can't believe you only charge $65 bucks for that newsletter." Oh yeah, Goldman Sachs booked a 40% profit last year when Hank was running the show….based in part on my predictions.

I just wanted to say thank you all again for your love and trust. It is not misplaced and I shall not let you down.

The reason I wanted to start doing the FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKETS is that it allows me FREE REIGN to use my psychic abilities, Spiritual Remote Viewing skills, and technical expertise´ without having to wait for stocks to go up or down, or for entire markets to rise and fall. I wanted to be able to make money RIGHT NOW, as I believe we are simply running out of time and ForEx was the BEST and FASTEST way to do this.


Sean-David Morton:

Psychic, Intuitive, Futurist, Pre-Cognitive, Remote Viewer Extrodinaire´. Called “the best Remote Viewer I have ever seen,” by Project: STARGATE’s Major Ed Dames. Pioneered many of the modern techniques used today, with over 25 years experience. Publisher of the Delphi Associates Newsletter for the last 14 years. Has one of the greatest track records EVER on predicting future trends, the stock markets, and specific stocks and how they will support coming events. His stock predictions have made over a 387% profit in just the last year. He gave EXACT DATES and NUMBERS for various highs of gold and silver. He was the first to predict that the DJIA’s meteoric rise in the 1990s culminating in the exact timing and numbers for the stock market rise and fall in October, 2000. Historically stocks have TRIPLED within days of his recommendations on Coast To Coast AM radio with Art Bell and George Noory. He just recently predicted the markets rise to 12,000 and above.

Melissa Thomson Morton:

Over 14 years of banking experience. As an executive officer of ZION’S FIRST NATIONAL BANK in Salt Lake City, she was in quality control and disbursements for commercial real estate. Her duties included preparing and reviewing legal documentation and accounting, auditing and disbursements for large commercial constructions. She also worked with internal and OCC auditors, and the office of Small Business Administration. Her projects included THE DELTA CENTER (where the Utah Jazz play), BLM OFFICE BUILDINGS, large corporate office high rises, and commercial retail strip centers. She switched to Zion’s Mortgage division, where she was also a disbursement officer for residential construction. Hired away from Zion’s by Crossland Mortage Company, which later merged with Wells Fargo, she was a quality control and compliance executive officer. She reported directly to the president with monthly bank and governmental policy compliance reports. She also traveled the country to their 108 offices to audit their loans and procedures. She was also an auditor of mortgage loans for the first and secondary markets.


A mathematical genius, FX trader, statistical analyst, and computer software engineer.
Trained in the 1970s for WANG LABS and Control Data, Designed Advanced Network Exchange Tech for Bell South. From 1991 to 1993 he was hired by Systems Atlanta and designed the computer system for Bell South Communications which became the model for the company throughout the world. In the late 1990s he became involved in international banking, and since 2000 to the present he has been an independent financial analyst and FX currency trader.

Daryl has set up a trading desk in Burlington, Vermont, and is working with his wife, his son, Joshua Weber and former Wall St. stock broker Leonard Wiseman. The team makes 50 to 60 trades PER DAY, as opposed to “Pro” FX traders that make 3 to 5 per day, and the team works in shifts 24 hours a day from late Sunday night to when the markets close Friday afternoon.

So let me lay this all out crystal clear, as I want this process to be completely TRANSPARENT and TOTALLY ON THE UP and UP! As far as personal privacy will allow I want you all to KNOW what is going on:

1. Vajra Productions, LLC and 27 Investments, LLC are accounts with Bank Of America in Hermosa Beach, Calif. that have been set up as 100k ForEx trading accounts with FXCM located on Wall St. in New York City. These are subsidiary trust accounts, under corporate soles, to ensure privacy and tax protection. However they INSISTED on taking all of MY personal info as their "Company Policy" or they would not set up the accounts. So I am personally on the HOOK here, NOT YOU, for anything that happens, including Capital Gains taxes of 15%. Funds are transferred into these accounts, and are then directly transferred to the corresponding accounts with FXCM to be used for trading on the Foreign Exchange markets. Currently each account holds about $1mm, which is far too much. Our goal is to have EIGHT LLCs or corporate accounts with $500,000. per account to insure maximum profits, privacy, accountability and control.

2. Every Sunday, I do a remote viewing using a number of blank charts that represent NINE CURRENCIES, like the USD, YEN, British pound sterling, the Euro, etc. I use a series of RV, dowsing and chartomancy techniques to project graph numbers a week into the future, much like I do to predict earthquakes, storms, fires, hurricanes and many other earthchanges. The angels have been very gracious in showing me the energy and how it progresses. I feel and chart the up and down changes in the energy as I move across the charts. Daryl Weber and I did this process EVERY WEEK for 2 months with a “Virtual” $1 million, and we made an astounding 120% profit. Granted this was playing “Wild West Cowboy” with our funny monopoly money, and taking a series of risks that we would never consider in the “Real World” with the capital of our friends and family, but it showed us both the potential of what we can accomplish together.

3. I send Daryl and his team my “SRV CHARTS” on what I see for the currencies I have viewed for the coming week. They are blown up and placed on the Trading Desk board where Daryl places his positions based on my analysis and projections.

4. Daryl, his team and I can make trades on the account, but only Melissa and I have the power to actually ACCESS the funds. NO ONE ELSE! I am the crazy psychic that is using RV and dowsing to predict the trends and lines each week, and Daryl has the technical wizardry to make the trades and turn that into MONEY. We have an attorney who would act as a fiduciary should anything happen to us.

5. Trades are done from LATE SUNDAY NIGHT THROUGH THURSDAY. Each Friday the week's profits will be calculated for each member. We have the OPTION of trading on Friday, which is then placed in the next week’s earnings.

6. When you come on board with us (and you will!) we will send you a CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT OF FUNDS, with the CLEAR understanding that these are to be used EXCLUSIVELY for FX trading. ANY OTHER USE OF THE FUNDS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED, IS MISAPPROPRITATION and a CRIMINAL ACT.

7. You will be emailed WEEKLY REPORTS in an EXCEL SPREADSHEET FORMAT from (a secure encrypted account) on what your money did for the week. These charts will have our management/analyst fees already factored into the equation. You must TELL ME if you want the profits or if you want them to STAY in the account. If I do NOT hear from you at the above email, that will tell me you just want to keep the profits in.

We keep a PROFIT FUND to act as a MARGIN BUFFER for the account. FX is NOT LIKE STOCKS where they grant you an automatic 100% margin/credit. You MUST keep CASH in the account to have a margin! We try to maintain at LEAST a 30% margin buffer. We can REAPPLY profits back to principal IN EVEN NUMBERS ONLY ($500, $1000, $5000, $10,000, etc.) or it creates an accounting NIGHTMARE FOR US! We can’t reapply a balance of, say, $652.63 back to profits! ALSO WE CAN ONLY DO THIS ON THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH.

9. AT ANYTIME you can get out ANY PORTION OF, OR ALL, of your funds. The account is TOTALLY LIQUID! But I need AT LEAST FIVE BUSINESS DAYS to get you your money. I must submit a withdrawal form to FXCM, they must clear and approve it, then they must wire the money to the LLC and then I can send it to you via cash, check or MO. There is a $25 charge for EACH WIRE which will come out of your funds.

10. If you want your ALL your money back, there will be a 15% charge on ONLY your profits within that fiscal year. This is for Capital Gains taxes, which I will be on the hook for. Uncle Sugar always gets his CUT.

11. This is a BUSINESS DEAL with you as one partner and us the other. You have given us your trust and invested your savings and hard earned money. We will do ALL THE WORK, and you just sit back and reap the rewards, with the clear understanding that ANY BUSINESS DEAL OR INVESTMENT INVOLVES RISK! Any investment is like gambling with the axiom "Never play with money you are NOT prepared to lose."

12. With that CLEARLY STATED, this business deal involves a 50/50 SPLIT of PROFITS ONLY! Repeat: PROFITS ONLY. This is standard practice for any business. You put up the funds, we do all the work. And we have so far provided a better return than anything else out there. PERIOD.

13. So far since we opened the VAJRA PRODUCTIONS LLC in JUNE we have had over 100 trading days with only TEN for losses, and those losses were for NO MORE than 3% and were made back the next day. In fact 3 of those losses were FXCM computer software glitches and not our fault. These also happened very early, when we were just getting used to the set up and program.

14. Since we opened 27 Investments, LLC in JULY, we HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE LOSS. NOT ONE! PRAISE GOD AND HIS ANGELS! You MUST realize how incredible that is!

15. So far we have AVERAGED .7% to 1% per DAY. That is 3 to 5% per week on average. In fact, in some of the bloodiest weeks EVER in the FX markets, which have been in the last month, we STILL averaged about 3% per week. Project that out over a YEAR, and you are looking at a profit potential of nearly 200%. Our very FIRST investor, Hermine P., on the Vajra Prod chart put in $10,000 last June, and in four months, without touching her money, or reapplying anything back into profits, she has seen an 89.99% profit.

16. On JUNE 23rd, 2006, the District Court in Washington, DC, slapped down the SEC and disallowed their attempt to regulate HEDGE FUNDS and INVESTMENT CLUBS. Private Hedge Fund investment has risen from $55 billion last year to over $110 billion this year. And now the Feds can’t look over our shoulder, interfere or regulate any of it. All very good news for you and I.

And I want to assure you that we are in this for the LONG HAUL! We don’t play cowboy with anyone’s money. ForEx is the most arcane and complex trading market in the world, and it is the best and FASTEST way to make a great deal of money in a very short period of time….if you know what you are doing, or are affiliated with someone that does.

AND we are like Wild West gunslingers walking into a town of kids with Daisy Red Ryder BB guns! We are, quite simply, the BEST there is as what we do. Numbers and results don’t lie.

So there it is.

If you wish to invest right away here is the bank account info. PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE DEPOSIT SLIP SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

For minimum investments of $5000 to $25,000:

Bank of America
90 Pier Ave
Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254
Acct. #: 00636-41691
ABA routing # 02600-9593


For Investments of $25,000 to $50,000
27 Investments LLC
Bank of America
90 Pier Ave
Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254
Acct. # 00633 41720
ABA routing # 02600-9593

FOR INVESTMENTS OF $50,000 of more:
Bank of America
90 Pier Ave
Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254
Acct.# 00635 42455
ABA routing # 02600-9593

CHAMPAGNE ROOM INVESTMENTS is currently under construction for our $100+ VIP group.

Here is the beauty of all this: We are poised to take advantage of the global chaos that is about to come. Once the US dollar begins its pre-designed decline, we stand to all make a fortune!! The WORSE the rest of the markets do, the BETTER it will be for us.

I sold every stock I had and got into this because we don’t have a lot of time LEFT to get our houses in order. I NEED you to prosper SO YOU CAN DEVOTE YOURSELF TO HELPING OTHERS. AND so you can get out of the rat race and start to follow your dreams! RIGHT NOW!

As Forrest Gump said after he had investment in APPLE stock, “They told me I would not have to worry about money no more. Well, I guess that’s just one less thing!”

“A wise man does SOONER what a fool does later.”

I thank you again for letting ME fulfill my highest purpose and be of service to you. For letting ME help YOU, we all work to our mutual benefit and together as OUR vibration changes, the world will magically transform around us.



Sean-David Morton